Twitter for Student

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As a student, you have the freedom to invest your time in any way you want, you will not find anyone telling you how to invest your time on the right thing, except a few close people that want to see you grow. 

Assume for a moment that I am one of the closest people. It really makes me happy when I see someone using the internet to make their career. 

In the last 2 and a half years, I have friends who were also students at some point and they are currently at another level, just because they choose to used Twitter for growth and career. 

  • Someone is making hundreds of thousands of dollars as a Developer advocate,
  • Someone is making $200-300 just to make a tweet,
  • Someone is getting high paying freelancing clients,
  • Someone is making monthly recurring money from a tool. 

There are infinite possibilities, you just have to learn to use it well. 


  1. Share your learnings
  2. Engage, don't just lurk
  3. Use Advance Search Effectively
  4. Don't Spam
  5. Create permissionless projects for people you admire
  6. Leverage the power of your proof of work
  7. Use Twitter DM with clear context
  8. Be careful about who are you following
  9. Stay away from unproductive rabbit holes
  10. Twitter Bio and Picture (Profile & Header)
  11. Help, Help, Help
  12. 4 Steps Guide to Help You Land an Opportunity
  13. 10 Key Pillars of Growing on Twitter
  14. Tools that will save 1000s of important hours
  15. Collection of Resources
  16. 20 Ideas to Make your first $100 on the internet (Bonus 🎁)
  17. Thank you, Goodbye

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Twitter for Student

10 ratings
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